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Wild Red Asparagus root

Wild Red Asparagus root (Asparagaceae cochinchinensis) also known as Tian Men Dong is a very rare and valuable adaptogen herb with a rich history in Chinese medicine (A 3000+ year old tradition). Renown by Taoists as "The flying herb" or "The Divine Spirit herb" Tian Men Dong is believed by many to help bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world.
Taoists credit this herb for nourishing and cleansing the Shen (Spirit), they also believed that after consuming this sacred herb for a certain span of time one would gain the ability to fly. The literal meaning behind this saying is derived from the fact that the herb gives one an emotionally uplifting, light, pleasant feeling. 
Uses and Benefits:
- Ultra lung tonic (Moistens and purifies the lungs)
- Reproductive tonic & aphrodisiac 
- Increases libido
- Treats hot flashes
- Treats dry cough & dry mouth
- Improves memory and cognition
- Boosts Immune system
- Can help treat diabetes
- Moistens dry skin
- Treats constipation by moistening intestines
- The adaptogen properties of this herb make it excellent for lowering stress and anxiety.
The greatest version of Wild asparagus root is none other than the red variant. It is a treasure amongst Taoists and many Chinese people because of its rarity, even the regular beige colored wild asparagus root is hard to come by, but the wild red asparagus root is scarce and practically limited. This makes Alkaline Intrinsics one of the very few entities that carry the herb. We are truly happy to have this rarity readily available.